Solving a Global Challenge

There are many different circumstances and events that impact our world today. The seven Global Challenges listed below are world issues that each student team within the NICE programme will study and analyse, creating a business model canvas to solve an aspect of that challenge. Each challenge is unique and requires you to look at the world through a different lens.

Please look through the list of Global Challenges (and the one page overviews linked in the ‘learn more’ button) below in detail, as you are required to rank the top three challenges you would like to work on as part of your application to the course. Your Global Challenge selections will determine the team you are placed in if you are offered a place on the NICE programme.

Health and Wellbeing-08 (1).jpg

Health, wellbeing and changing societies

Staying young and healthy forever is an option usually reserved for vampires. For the rest of us, we must figure out how to stay active and well into our old age, both on our own and as part of wider society. What will keep us healthy in a changing world, and what policies can be put in place to help?

Health and Wellbeing-08.jpg

The future of food and its origins

When we Instagram our delicious meal of the future, what will it contain? Will superfood trends lead to our downfall? Will real meat one day be a thing of the past? Questions like these underpin this challenge, asking you to come up with solutions to the food sector, agriculture and biodiversity.

Clean Energy No Logo  - 7.jpg

Secure, clean and efficient energy

Science fiction and comic books have considered the ideal energy source for a long time. Iron man’s suit, for example, is incredibly powerful – but how many nuclear plants would it take to power it, and how good would it be for the environment if used on a wider scale? Explore the future of secure, clean and efficient energy in this challenge.

Future of Transport-03.jpg

Smart, green and integrated transport

How sustainable are hoverboards? Does the Star Wars universe know the carbon footprint of the millennium falcon? This challenge invites you to imagine the future of transport. How do we solve the transport problems we have and innovate for a better future of travel?

Climate Change - No Logo-09.jpg

Climate action, environment and resources

From Blade Runner to Mad Max, we’ve seen many imagined visions of the world’s future climate and environment. How do we make our societies more prepared for climate change, and what can still be done to avoid disaster?


Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies

Our news feeds are tailored to our personal interests, trolls dominate social media with hurtful views, and fake news can make us feel more divided than ever. However, new laws are being passed around the world to help us create inclusive societies for all. We still have a long way to go, and this challenge invites you to imagine what that would look like and how we achieve it.

Secure Societies - No Logo-08.jpg

Secure societies, protected freedom

Is Big Brother really watching our streets, or did they hand over the reins to Facebook and Cambridge Analytica online? Processes and tools to keep us safe and secure are important, but solving the challenge of protecting our societies is difficult when risks come from so many different angles. What’s your take on this?