NICE Summer Schools

Some NICE student participants will also have the opportunity to participate in week-long Summer School to take their NICE experience to the next level. Please note that if you are interested to attend the Summer School you must apply for this experience. Completing the online modules is a pre-requisite for attending the Summer School, but it is not a guarantee of a place. Applications for the NICE Summer School in Salamanca are due to your home university by 26th March 2020 (the process will be communicated to you by your home university) and all students will be informed who is attending the Salamanca NICE Summer School 2020 by 6th April 2020.

Dublin NICE Summer School 2019

The 2019 NICE Summer School was held in Dublin from July 21 - 27 and the students who attended had a fantastic time! They attended morning lectures and sessions on cross-cultural communication, testing viable products, leadership across cultures and decision-making skills, among many other topics. All attendees were also put into groups and they spent their afternoons throughout the week working on solutions for a Global Challenge that they pitched on the final day of the Summer School.

All the students had the opportunity to take an introductory class in Irish language and culture and participate in an Instagram scavenger hunt across Dublin! Our final day finished off with dinner at a local restaurant and a night of Irish music. If you’d like to see a simplified outline of the NICE Dublin Summer School Schedule, please click on the button below.

What was it like participating in the NICE Dublin Summer School?

Find out what Gabriela had to say about her experiences…

Team Ampai, Ampai

Team Ampai, Ampai


Gabriela, a student from the University of Edinburgh, was part of the team Ampai, Ampai, who won the Global Challenge Pitch Presentation:

Our product is a bit of an odd one. We ended up presenting jellyfish crisps. Or, Jellycrisps as we called them. Our process to get to our final solution realistically spanned about three out of the five days, with the final two days being used to complete our presentation. 

The idea came about during a team brainstorming session on day one. It’s safe to say that I originally proposed “eating jellyfish” as a bit of a joke. The idea came from an article by National Geographic I had read a few years back which showed the threat jellyfish posed to the marine ecosystem. We didn’t really take the idea seriously until the next day when we were asked to present something we had come up with. From then on we spent time researching as a team the sorts of food jellyfish could be made into. We found an article that showed scientists in Denmark successfully managed to turn jellyfish into crisps, with a recipe right there that they wanted someone to take and commercialise on, which we did in a way. And that’s how we settled on Jellycrisps. 

 A lot of teams switched their ideas half-way through the project, and honestly if we managed to think of a less ridiculous one I'm sure we would have too, but even if we weren’t the winning team, I’m glad we never did. Right before our first pitch we were all nervous, and my teammate Chiara turned to us and said “Guys, let’s be honest. This idea isn’t going to win, so let’s just have fun with it”, and we did, and that was probably the best advice she could have given us, we all calmed down, had fun with it, and won. 

One of the main things we took from the project is that it does pay to be different. I guess that’s the aim of entrepreneurs: to be innovative and different and I guess our global solution reflected that

You can see some of the photos from our week in Dublin below

Salamanca NICE Summer School 2020

The NICE Summer School in Salamanca will be held from July 12 - 18, 2020. This Summer School will follow a similar schedule and structure to the Summer School in Dublin. Students who attend can expect to spend time in groups working on the concepts they learned about in the online modules and pitching their innovative business idea to a group of local experts and entrepreneurs.

The NICE Summer School in Salamanca is part-funded and students who are selected to attend will receive a travel stipend (the amount is dependant on the location of their home university) and a daily subsistence stipend of 28€. Students who attend the summer school will receive a place in student accommodation at the University of Salamanca for the duration of the summer school (the accommodation includes a daily breakfast).

The funding students receive is conditional upon attendance of the Summer School and if you are awarded a place and funding, but do not attend, you will be required to pay back the travel stipend and any funding paid towards your place in accommodation.

The University of Salamanca, which was founded in 1134 and recently celebrated its 800th anniversary, is based in the historical and beautiful city of Salamanca, west of Madrid. The Old Town in Salamanca was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1988 and the heartbeat of the city, the beautiful Plaza Mayor, is a vibrant space to spend time at any point in the day. Find out more about Salamanca and all the many things there are to do and see on the Salamanca Tourism website.


Final Project Workshop

The final NICE project workshop will be held in Brussels in August 2020. Staff members from each of the partner universities will attend this event and a select number of students from the 2019 and 2020 cycles of the NICE programme will be invited to attend and showcase their group work at the event.

Please note that not all students will be invited to attend the NICE final project workshop. A small number of students who have performed exceptionally well will be invited to attend and showcase their work.

If you are interested in applying to the NICE programme, please register your interest via our How the project works & application page or email us using our Contact page if you have any further questions.