Events for staff & visitors

There are a number of different ways to get involved in the NICE project and one of these is to attend one of our events! Given the work that the NICE students are completing within the project, we believe that the topics featured at the summer schools are very relevant to all our staff, no matter if you are an academic, a member of the professional services staff at a partner university, or a member of staff at an external organisation. If you are interested in participating or contributing to one of the events below, please contact us to find out more. Please note that there may be funding available to attend an event, but you will need to contact us to find out further details.

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summer Schools

The  NICE summer schools are week long events in which the students who have been working virtually will come together and further their understanding of entrepreneurship and intercultural competence with in-person group work and project presentations. We will be holding keynote lectures, panels, workshops and smaller networking events to build on the learning that the NICE students have completed previously. The first NICE summer school will be held in Dublin in July 2019 and the second summer school will be held in Salamanca in 2020.

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Training programme design

The Training Programme Design workshop will be held in Amsterdam in August 2018. This event will cover the progress made by the partnership on the toolkits that our NICE students will work through. We have also scheduled workshops to trial how the content delivered by NICE can be utilised by other colleges, schools and community groups. 

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Final Project workshop

The Final NICE Project workshop will take place in Brussels in August 2020. The Final Project workshop will showcase the work completed over the course of the NICE project and will include case studies of students who have participated in NICE as well as as group presentations of the solutions to the Global Challenges that they have found.



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Train the Trainer session

The Train the Trainer session will be held in July 2019 and will be working with the academic members of staff who will deliver the intercultural competence and entrepreneurship toolkits. In the sessions that make up this event we will be working directly with the staff members to ensure that the delivery of the toolkits is as effective and valuable as the programme design has intended. This event is an opportunity for the partnership to further amend and develop the toolkits to ensure a better learning experience for the NICE students.