Project Outputs


Intercultural competence Toolkit

Once completed, the intercultural competence toolkit will be linked from this website.

The work in the intercultural competence toolkit will be quite broad at the beginning, to allow for these skills to influence the work completed on the entrepreneurship toolkit. The toolkit will cover the six main topics in the first six weeks of the NICE programme:


entrepreneurship Toolkit

Once completed, the entrepreneurship toolkit will be linked from this website.

To complement the work completed in intercultural competence, the entrepreneurship toolkit will provide a general overview of the subject within the first few weeks and require more detailed work on the more difficult topics within entrepreneurship within the last few weeks. The toolkit will cover six main topics in the first six weeks of the NICE programme.


Collaborative Online group discussion space

While working through the toolkits, students who are completing the NICE project will be linked up to one another in groups of eight on PebblePad. PebblePad is an e-portfolio tool, used by students already at the University of Edinburgh. The student groups will work towards solving a global challenge by working through a workbook, providing a presentation and discussing their work in a trackable, online forum. If you are a student on the NICE programme and do not have access to your PebblePad account please contact us.


Handbook & Framework for policy makers

At the culmination of the NICE project, the partnership will provide a Handbook and Framework for policy makers, to provide other interested parties with a blueprint outlining how to replicate this work at their own institution. The Handbook and Framework will be a formalised "how to guide" and will be published via this website and at our Final Project Workshop in Brussels in August 2020.