NICE Online Modules & NICE SLICC


What are the NICE online modules?

There are seven modules that make up the online NICE platform. When you join the NICE programme, you’ll be put into a group with four other students from the partner universities and you’ll work through the modules together. You’ll learn about intercultural competence and entrepreneurship and each week, you’ll meet up in a virtual meeting together with a staff facilitator to talk about what you’ve learned. You can see the landing page of the NICE online platform but you won’t be able to access any of the content.

The seven different modules you’ll work through are:

  1. Introduction

  2. Working as a team

  3. Identifying entrepreneurial opportunities in your global challenge

  4. Testing ideas

  5. Asking for resources

  6. Making decisions

  7. Now then…did it work?

Throughout these modules you’ll be completing matching games, filling in worksheets, completing readings, watching videos and answering questions about the content of the modules. You’ll also meet virtually with your group each week (along with a staff facilitator) to discuss the activities you’ve done that week or the thoughts you have on the things you’ve been learning.

Each of these modules is comprised of eight different parts:

  • Themes & learning outcomes

  • Introduction

  • Warm-up

  • Advice & '“know-how”

  • Challenge

  • Team Assignment

  • Reflection

You can find out a little bit more by watching the video below and don’t forget, as you and your group work through the modules, you’ll also be working on your solution for your Global Challenge!

Please keep in mind that to meet virtually with your team each week you’ll need access to a reliable high-speed internet connection and a device with a webcam and a microphone. You also need to be able to commit to meeting for an hour online with your team each week as you will depend on each other throughout the programme.

What is the NICE SLICC?

If you’re interested in getting credit for the work that you’re doing as part of the NICE programme, you can complete the NICE SLICC! Completing the NICE SLICC will give you 10 ECTS credits from the University of Edinburgh (confirm directly with your university how these credits will transfer for you). The SLICC concept is a unique course, designed at the University of Edinburgh. You can find out more about SLICCs via the University of Edinburgh SLICC site.

The NICE SLICC will enable you to undertake self-initiated, independently-led and self-directed learning. Throughout the NICE SLICC, you will set your own learning outcomes and reflect upon the learning experience. You will concentrate your learning on the intercultural competence and entrepreneurial skills developed through the NICE programme and you will consider the team context as you reflect upon these experiences.

You’ll be guided through the NICE SLICC process via a Resource Pack (which includes all the information you need to know about completing the NICE SLICC successfully - you need to read it in full!) on the learning platform PebblePad. You’ll also actually complete and submit your NICE SLICC coursework on a Workbook, also within PebblePad.

How does it work?

There are four parts to a NICE team-based SLICC which are all completed within the virtual learning environment PebblePad. They are as follows:

Proposal (step 1)

You will write and submit a formal Proposal which:

  • Includes a title

  • describes the personal aims of your NICE learning experience

  • explains how you will demonstrate each of the five NICE SLICC learning outcomes

  • explains how you will actively reflect on your learning throughout the experience

  • doesn’t have an official word count (proposals are generally 600 to 900 words in length)

After submitting your proposal, your assigned tutor will either approve it or communicate the changes that need to be made before it can be accepted.

NICE team-based SLICC commences (step 2)

Once you proposal is accepted, you will ACTIVELY reflect as your experience progresses by:

  • collecting evidence

  • blogging once a week (less than 400 words)

Interim Reflective Report (Step 3)

You will complete an Interim Reflective Report which:

  • will not be assessed BUT your tutor will review it and provide feedback

  • will act as the first draft of your Final Reflective Report

  • doesn’t have an official word count (Interim Reflective Reports are generally 1500 to 2000 words in length)

Final Reflective Report (step 4)

You will complete a Final Reflective Report which will:

  • be assessed

  • incorporate the feedback you received from your Interim Reflective Report

  • be graded by NICE SLICC staff

  • receive feedback

  • be less than 3000 words in length

IMPORTANT: the mark for your Final Reflective Report will not be finalised until it has been reviewed by a University of Edinburgh Board of Examiners in August 2020.

The above process is relatively straightforward and will be described in more detail once you begin the NICE SLICC, if you decide to complete it as part of the NICE programme. Please ensure that your existing academic workload will enable you to complete the NICE SLICC successfully, if you would like to do the NICE SLICC, you will indicate this on your programme application. You can find the application link on our How the project works & application page.