December 2017: the NICE Kick Off Meeting!

The NICE partnership met for the first time in December 2017 to discuss our plans for the project and how we are going to deliver these skills to our students over the course of the next three years.

We met at the University of Edinburgh from December 4th to 6th at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. This was our first chance to meet all the members of staff from our partner universities who will be working on the project as well as to hear about the expertise coming from each partner to put together this new and exciting project. We discussed how the University of Padova, University of Amsterdam and University of Gottingen all provide training on intercultural competence to their students. We also heard from Lund University and the University of Edinburgh on how entrepreneurship fits into their curricula. We spent time discussing how we are going to shape the content that each partner already provides into the toolkits for our students and how we are going to support these students as they move through the application process and complete the project. The University of Edinburgh provided an overview of a programme they currently run called Student Led, Individually Created Courses - or SLICC, for short - which will be the base of the transnational collaboration that the NICE students will undertake.

During the transnational meeting we got a good start on how the programme will look and planning out the next three years!

Anna Creery