Our mission

The mission and goals of the NICE project are built around ensuring that the students who complete the work develop a robust skill set around entrepreneurship and intercultural competence. Students who participate in the NICE project will have access to top training resources from the partner universities and will have online, facilitated conversations that focus on building innovative business solutions to solve global challenges.

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One of the objectives of the European Commission is to encourage people to become entrepreneurs. By supporting our students to further develop their entrepreneurship skills, the NICE project is helping to shape creative, innovative, risk-takers who have the ability to plan and manage projects to achieve success.

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In the workplace, productive collaboration is often at the heart of success. To prepare our students for the job market, we aim to provide them with opportunities and projects in which they are challenged and engaged with students from other cultures. We aim to encourage positive collaboration and discussion between students who have very different ideas and worldviews.  

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intercultural competence

The globalisation of the labour market is creating a need for employees that have intercultural competencies and are confident and able to work in an international setting. The structures of culture and communication that influence our behaviours are complex. We aim to help students develop skills to identify how these structures influence their own lives and consequently how to work with people from other cultures in a positive and productive manner.