About NICE


NICE stands for two exciting things:

On the one hand, NICE is the acronym for the Network for Intercultural Competence to facilitate Entrepreneurship, a multi-university partnership comprising eight different research-focused universities across the UK and Europe.

Led by the University of Edinburgh, we began working together in September 2017 and will continue doing so until the project concludes in September 2020. Our mission is to bring our collective expertise together in a single project geared towards enhancing the student experience – the NICE programme.

For that reason, NICE also stands for the NICE programme, a virtual learning programme designed to help students develop in-demand intercultural and entrepreneurial skills.

NICE is open to all students from our partner universities and is specifically designed to encourage students who haven't been able to go abroad previously, have specialised learning requirements, or don't have the time to go away for more than a week. One of our highest aims is to provide an international experience for those students whose opportunity to travel or study abroad is otherwise limited.

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Build skills to enhance employability.

The NICE programme is designed to enhance students' employability by helping them to develop intercultural competencies and entrepreneurial skills, developing their ability to apply these skills to global and societal challenges  by working together in virtual transnational teams.  


One of the objectives of the European Commission is to encourage people to become entrepreneurs. By supporting our students to further develop their entrepreneurship skills, the NICE project is helping to shape creative, innovative, risk-takers who have the ability to plan and manage projects to achieve success.


In the workplace, productive collaboration is often at the heart of success. To prepare our students for the job market, we aim to provide them with opportunities and projects in which they are challenged and engaged with students from other cultures. We aim to encourage positive collaboration and discussion between students who have very different ideas and worldviews.  


The globalisation of the labour market is creating a need for employees that have intercultural competencies and are confident and able to work in an international setting. The structures of culture and communication that influence our behaviours are complex. We aim to help students develop skills to identify how these structures influence their own lives and consequently how to work with people from other cultures in a positive and productive manner.

Our partners

Each of the partners below have specific skills in entrepreneurship, intercultural competence or delivery methodology to provide the resources outlined on the Project Outputs page. The resources delivered by the project will allow our students to develop their skills and enhance their employability.


Our team is here to help you succeed! If you have questions about your application, the timescale of the project or simply want to chat to someone, please drop us a line via the Contact page.


Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme

of the European Union.